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Styles of Roofing Systems

With a plethora of roofing materials and systems available these days, how can consumers know what type of roof or replacement roof that they need?

Many people just tell their roofer to go back with the same thing that they already have. This may sound good, but roofing materials have substantially improved over the last 20 years. The roofing material that you had may very well be the last roofing material that you would want to go back with. Hilo Roofers will consult with you about all of your options.

Got a leaky roof?

You had better get it fixed quick! Even if there is no visible water damage from the roof leak inside of your home, even small leaks can lead to huge problems such as hidden, interstitially mold contaminated wall or ceiling cavities, rotted framing or decking, damaged insulation and damaged ceiling drywall or Canec.

Free Roof Health Evaluation

A no-obligation, free roof damage inspection by Hilo Roofers can locate small issues that have the ability to progress to the point of destroying the integrity of the roof decking and framing. Roof leaks are not always readily detectable. Hidden roof leaks can produce significant mold and water damage, which may go on for months or even years without a thorough roof inspection. Hilo Roofing has the tools and technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, to perform incredibly detailed roof inspections. Call us today to schedule your free roof health examination.

Our Work


“Hilo Roofing Contractors located a roof leak that 2 other roofing contractors failed to find. Mahalo, Hilo Roofers!”

“We thought our roofing shingles were no longer made and that we needed a whole new roof when a few shingles were damaged. Hilo Roofers was able to locate our current roofing material and saved us thousands of dollars on the cost of a new roof!”

3. “We did not have a lot of money in our budget for roof repairs. Hilo Roofing gave us several options to choose from and we were able to get all of our leaks stopped for well under what we had to spend.”

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